NEW! for 2015
Version 8

Compatible with Windows
7 and 8

Create multiple help outputs in seconds. The ideal help tool for busy programmers and corporate documentation experts

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Different Help Formats - One Source! - NEW Version 8

Becoming a HTMLHelp/Winhelp expert doesn't require technical or programming knowledge if you use EasyHelp. You can create help projects complete with a contents tree, index and images very easily with EasyHelp.

You can then compile your output into at least six different help formats. All you need to do is click one button and your help file will be compiled in any of the following formats.

Create HTMLHelp - (Essential for Vista/Windows 7 and 8)
Now the de facto standard in Windows Help Authoring. Esential for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is very flexible and is widely used. This option creates compiled html files called .CHM files.

Create Website Help
Produces a website help system that will work on any platform. It includes Contents, an Index and a simple Search engine.

Create Documentation
Produce a Printable manual or an RTF file that you can edit and manipulate in MS Word or your favourite word processor.

Create PDF Help
Produce Adobe compatible PDF files that are not platform dependant. PDF files are very popular because they look like a printed manual and are searchable and when you print you get what you see.

Create Pocket PC Help
Compile your Project into a single .HTM file, with Table of Contents and Index and all images converted to the correct format, suitable for use on portable devices.

Create WinHelp - (Traditional Old Style)
Produces traditional .HLP files, which have been used since the early 1990s and are still popular today. HtmlHelp is the successor to WinHelp but you still see a lot of new applications with WinHelp being used.