Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Ticketing Helpdesk Software

What you need to know when choosing helpdesk software

This site is a comprehensive guide to choosing customer support & ticketing help desk software. Find out everything you need to know for selecting the best helpdesk software for your large or small business.

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So, you're planning to use helpdesk software?

You've researched everything about the various help desk software platforms available on the market, but still, have questions. Here, we hope to give you all the information about the top 7 helpdesk software in the market. Before we get into the software platforms, let us understand what is helpdesk and why is it important for organizations.

What is helpdesk software?

A helpdesk offers customers or end-users with information and support related to a particular product or service provided by a company. Its main purpose is to troubleshoot problems or issues as well as guide end users or customers about the company's products or services like electronic equipment's, food, software, to name a few.

These days, businesses and organizations give assistance to their customers through helpdesk using a number of channels like email, websites, instant messaging or toll-free. The rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter also helped companies to use these platforms to help customers.

Helpdesk software is a program that acts as a database to store and manage lists with the issues or concerns of the customers. These helpdesk software's are utilized by businesses to create, maintain, and solve issues, inquiries, or complaints from customers, or requests that are created by the employees within the organization.

Why is a helpdesk important for businesses?

With businesses getting modern and competitive, help desks can add value to your organization in many ways. They include

a. They help customer's support themselves through a knowledge base or an FAQ.

b. By moving the conversation from inbox to an organized helpdesk queue, it is easy for your agent to prioritize and respond to each request.

c. Helpdesk prioritizes important task by defining priority tickets and requirements for resolution time.

d. It is great for tracking ticket volume, customer satisfaction, resolution time, and even individual agent performance.

What to look for in a helpdesk software?

A good helpdesk software platform should perform several functions that include

a. A single point of contact for customers when they need help.

b. Answer questions to customers through self-service or helpdesk agent.

c. Helps an agent to be more productive, with the knowledge to answer clients more efficiently.

d. Evaluate customer satisfaction by having a way to measure helpdesk support.

7 Best Rated Help Desk Software Solutions

Now let's discuss briefly on the top 7 helpdesk software solutions available on the market. Their key features, benefits, and its suitability to different business operations along with its price, ease of use and set-up.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software mainly designed to provide companies of all sizes with the necessary tool required to wow their customers. It is inexpensive, yet fully-functional that delivers seamless customer support. It offers a simple interface that is easy to use with strong features.

Companies around the world use Freshdesk to deliver exceptional customer service and experience. It enables businesses to organize, prioritize, and manage all customers without increasing their operational cost or workforce.

Freshdesk is an excellent platform for start-ups and freelancers looking to automate certain repetitive tasks and speed up their customer support. It is ideal for organizations in industries like education, healthcare, IT, hospitality, e-commerce, and insurance.

Trial Version

Freshdesk offers a trial version for all its plans. Just sign up for their free trial version and test any of their paid subscriptions. The trial period is 21-days.

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Pricing Plans

Freshdesk offers 5 unique pricing plans that range from $0 to $ 109 per month, per support agent. The 5 pricing plans are summarized below.

  • Sprout: Free
  • Blossom: $15 per month, per agent
  • Garden: $29 per month, per agent
  • Estate: $49 per month, per agent
  • Forest: $109 per month, per agent


  • Sprout: It's a free plan perfect for small business start-up's. Basic support features like email ticketing, knowledge base, team collaboration, ticket trend report, and social ticketing are included in Sprout helpdesk plan.
  • Blossom: This plan is perfect for small businesses that are looking forward to delivering customer support proactively. In addition to all the features present in the Sprout plan, Blossom includes collision detection, automation, business hours, marketplace apps, omnichannel support, and helpdesk in-depth.
  • Garden: This plan is best for rapidly growing businesses and includes all features of Blossom, plus session replays, time tracking, CSAT surveys, multilingual knowledge base, and performance reports.
  • Estate: This plan is best for large businesses and includes additional features like enterprise reporting, custom roles, chatbots, portal customization, in-app chat campaigns, call barging, and ticket assignment automation, plus all the features of Garden plan.
  • Forest: This plan is aimed for large business organization and includes all Freshdesk features.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Rich features, comprehensive solution
  • Exceptional customer support


  • No customer service during weekends
  • Lacks reporting features


Zohodesk is one of the cheapest cloud-based helpdesk software platform catering to the needs of small and mid-size companies. It is a customizable, content-aware helpdesk platform that collates all requests from customers from multichannel into a unified interface, thus making it easier to solve customer complaints. Using this platform help businesses to better engage with their customers and build more profitable relationships.

Zohodesk consists of innovative request management and automated workflow tools that help support agents to manage tickets easily. So, the final result is productive support agents, more satisfied customers, and impactful decisions made by managers.

Zohodesk is tailor-made helpdesk offering industry-specific support solution for marketing, sales, customer support, and finance teams. It is easy to use and comes with all necessary features.

Trial version

15-day free trial period

Pricing Plans

Zohodesk offers 3 price plans (billed annuallly or monthly) that are summarized below.

  • Free: Free up to 3 agents
  • Professional: $12 per month, per agent support (billed annually), $15 per month, per agent (billed monthly)
  • Enterprise: $25 per month, per agent support (billed annually), $30 per month, per agent (billed monthly)


Zohodesk platform is one of the best multi-channel support ticket platforms that offer a plethora of support features which includes the following.

  • Free Plan: This plan offers a variety of services that include priority SLA, ticket overview dashboard, manage dashboard, domain mapping, agent's dashboard, email inbox, knowledge base, and customizable help center.
  • Professional Plan: This plan includes features like integrations, social media channels, helpdesk automation, blueprint, time tracking, multi-department management, and multichannel support in addition to the features included in the Free plan.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan includes features like cross-department reports, role-based access control, live chat channel, custom ticket templates, scheduled reports, multi-brand help center, and contract management in addition to the features included in the Professional plan.


  • Easy to scale and use
  • Best pricing
  • Free plan for 3 agents


  • No deployment on-premise
  • Absence of asset management feature

Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk is one of the best helpdesk software that caters to the need of freelancers to large business organization. It is specifically designed to manage many channels like chat, web forms, phone calls, email, Twitter and Facebook under a single roof.

Vision helpdesk can be considered as the cheapest, budget-conscious, power plugged customer support platform that most businesses should find it really affordable.

Vision Helpdesk's biggest advantage is that it enhances customer experience, by offering quick and accurate answers even for an ongoing operation. Due to this, your company's reputation will increase and your expenses will go down.

Trial Version

30-day free trial period

Pricing Plans

Vision Helpdesk provides different pricing plan based on the type of license you require:

Saas Cloud License

  • Starter Helpdesk: $12 per month, per agent (billed annually), $15per month, per agent (billed monthly)
  • Pro Helpdesk: $20 per month, per agent (billed annually), $25per month, per agent (billed monthly)
  • Satellite Helpdesk: $24 per month, per agent (billed annually), $30per month, per agent (billed monthly)
  • Pro Service Helpdesk: $32 per month, per agent(billed annually), $40per month, per agent (billed monthly)
  • Ent Service Helpdesk: $48 per month, per agent (billed annually), $60 per month, agent(billed monthly)

Recurring Licence

  • Starter Helpdesk: $8 per month, per agent (billed annually), $10 per month, per agent (billed monthly)
  • Pro Helpdesk: $16 per month, per agent (billed annually), $20 per month, per agent (billed monthly)
  • Satellite Helpdesk: $20 per month, per agent (billed annually), $25 per month, per agent (billed monthly)
  • Pro Service Helpdesk: $24 per month, per agent (billed annually), $30 per month, per agent (billed monthly)
  • Ent Service Helpdesk: $32 per month, per agent (billed annually), $40 per month, per agent (billed monthly)

One Time License

  • Starter Helpdesk: $200 per agent
  • Pro Helpdesk: $400 per agent
  • Satellite Helpdesk: $500 per agent
  • Pro Service Helpdesk: $600 per agent
  • Ent Service helpdesk: $800 per agent


Here is a list of features of the award-winning Vision helpdesk software:

  • Multi-Channel: It has a multi-channel customer support and ticket management. It tracks and converts all incoming requests from the phone, email, chat, and social media into tickets. An added benefit with this platform is the alerts and notification through macros which means you deal with every ticket in a single click.

    The comprehensive helpdesk suite from Vision helpdesk satisfies the demand of both service providers and service demanders. It has come with 3 functional products namely, Helpdesk, Satellite Helpdesk, and IT Service Desk.

    The core product is Helpdesk, which is included as a default part in the other 2 products. Though all 3 products aim to serve the same purpose, they serve different parties in the issue tracking process.
  • Multiple Brands: It supports multiple companies, brands, and products. Therefore, it is the best option for business owners running multiple businesses and wanted to provide support through a single desk.
  • Streamlined Workflow: It offers a streamlined workflow thus improving the overall performance of your operations. It provides a task management tool that balance workloads, address delegation issues, gamification solutions, performs ticket billing, and many more. Helpdesk automation settings can make your operations even more efficient.
  • Staff Collaboration: It offers better staff collaboration using a tool called Blabby. It serves as a hub where knowledge base articles can be shared among staff and get suggestions and comments from other team members while solving customer complaints
  • Integration: Integration with third-party applications.


  • Clean, easy setup and interactive GUI
  • Monitoring staff performance
  • Flexibility
  • Great features
  • Affordable, fully featured great client support
  • Multichannel customer support
  • Supports multiple brands and products


  • The forum page is a little difficult to use
  • A few additional default reports to help admin could have been added


LiveAgent is one of the leading multi-channel helpdesk support platforms that cater to the needs of small and medium businesses.

It is a robust support platform that offers essential features such as POP3, contact forms, file sharing, gamification, ticket distribution, and many more. It caters to the need of businesses in the automotive, telecommunication, real estate, marketing, banking, retail, insurance, SaaS, web hosting, HR, and e-commerce industries.

Trial Version

14-day free trial

Pricing Plans

LiveAgent's pricing plans are simple and transparent. They offer 3 pricing plans to choose from as listed below.

  • Ticket: $9 per month, per agent
  • Ticket plus Chat: $29 per month, per agent
  • All Inclusive: $39 per month, per agent


LiveAgent, a feature-rich helpdesk support platform has more than 175 customer support tools. The various support features offered by LiveAgent includes

  • Ticket: Ticket plan includes features like SLA, email ticketing, mobile apps, knowledge base, custom domain, and contact forms.
  • Ticket plus Chat: In addition to the features available in Ticket plan, it has live chat, chat reports, visitor monitoring, chat invitation, multi-brand support, and feedback management.
  • All-Inclusive: The All-Inclusive plan has features like gamification, advanced social channel, advanced reports, time tracking, audit log, and cloud call center in addition to the features available in the Ticket+chat plan.


  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Affordable price
  • Has more than 175 support features
  • Has a built-in call center


  • Weak reporting
  • Has basic customer reporting

Happy Fox

Happy Fox is a cloud-based helpdesk support software platform that caters to the need of start-ups and small organizations. It is easy to set up due to its intuitive nature and is very easy to use, even by a novice.

It provides a more comprehensive and powerful ticket management system that converts inquiries from all communication channels into tickets.

Happy Fox works on both web and mobile apps, thus allowing team members to respond quickly to any queries anywhere at any time. It also features a smart round-robin system that helps to automatically assign tickets to the next available agent in the pool. This eliminates the need for admin for task assignment and to keep track of schedules.

Trial Version

14-day free trial, no credit card required

Pricing Plans

Happy Fox has the most simple and affordable pricing plans that include

  • Mighty: $39 per month, per agent
  • Fantastic: $59 per month, per agent
  • Enterprise: $79 per month, per agent
  • Enterprise Plus: $99 per month, per agent


The features included in the 4 pricing plans of Happy fox are summarized below.

  • Mighty: This plan includes basic ticket management, support center services, and reporting tools.
  • Fantastic: Fantastic plan includes all the basic features of the Mighty plan, plus custom ticket queue, longer reporting history, more custom domains, and satisfaction survey customization.
  • Enterprise Tier: This plan has all the features included in Fantastic plan plus custom fields reporting, sentiment analysis, task, and asset management options, an option for EU data center hosting.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan includes all the features available in the Enterprise plan plus a custom success manager, agent scripting. ability to retrieve reporting history at all time, and more than 1 terabyte of attachment storage.


  • A very intuitive software; so easy to set up and use
  • Less downtime
  • Highly customizable dashboard
  • Strong mobile support
  • Easy, customizable, neat, convenient interface.
  • Powerful ticket management system
  • Visually pleasing and in-depth reporting and analytics modules.
  • Robust tools to build a knowledge base, thus helping customers to self-service
  • Fast and accurate customer support.


  • For more integrations, it may become more expensive
  • Due to the rule-based system, automation lacks flexibility


Zendesk is one of the best customer support platforms for businesses of all sizes. In addition to solid ticket management options, it also provides applications to handle website inquiries and emails, as well as social media and live chat support.

For companies that use Zendesk for e-commerce purpose, it also provides 600 possible integrations with software platforms and third-party applications.

Like other helpdesk platforms, Zendesk also supports features like a customer queries management system with a call center, chat and a knowledge base for self-help. Zendesk consolidates a variety of customer interactions into a single interface, which helps users to easily locate all the information they need.

The higher pricing tiers are expensive but include access support in multiple languages.

Trial Version

30-day free trial

Pricing Plans

Zendesk offers 5 pricing tiers, each having more tools and customization.

  • Essential Tier: $5 per month, per agent
  • Team Tier: $19 per month, per agent
  • Professional Tier: $49 per month, per agent
  • Enterprise Tier: $99 per month, per agent
  • Elite Tier: $199 per month, per agent


Zendesk support features for each tier includes the following.

  • Essential Tier: This plan provides basic customer support including web channels and email, as well as basic customer interaction history.
  • Team Tier: In addition to the features included in the Essential tier, team tier includes other features like performance dashboard, business rules, and app integrations.
  • Professional Tier: This plan includes all features available in Team Plan plus multilingual support, advanced analytic option, and surveys.
  • Enterprise Tier: This plan includes all features in the Professional plan plus better routing, more automation options, and multi-brand support.
  • Elite Tier: This plan includes all features in the Enterprise Plan plus more advanced data encryption and security, data center options, and unlimited light agents.


  • Easy to set up and easy to use by agents
  • Extensive reporting and analytics
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Multiple channel support
  • Flexible pricing
  • Integration with business systems and third-party applications
  • The huge community forum and knowledge base for discussion and questions


  • Only high tiers have advanced features
  • Difficult for people who are not tech-savvy

Wix Answers

Wix Answers is a helpdesk software platform that is compatible with almost all businesses. It is a very powerful helpdesk ticket software platform having its built-in call center, ticketing system. knowledge base, and a help widget, all of which are customizable according to your businesses needs. With Wix Answers, you will be able to keep a track on your organization's performance with the help of actionable insights found in the helpdesk.

Wix Answers is an easy to use platform where you will be able to check the status of open tickets. transfer calls between support staff easily or adds content to your knowledge base. Setting up is also very easy; you don't need to be a programmer to set-up Wix Answers. It also provides reports and insights about your products, users, and your support team. Through Wix Answers, managing support tickets got a lot easier.

Wix Answers is built keeping SEO in mind, so it's just easier to rank in google through your knowledge base. With the help of Wix Answers, you get a built-in call center, with which you can track calls from your dashboards, track team members, transfer calls to top management, and also create reference notes within the system.

Free Trial

14-day free trial

Pricing Plans

  • Basic Plan: The basic plan of Wix Answers is free
  • Upgraded Plans: Upgrades are available on the basic plan but the price depends on the size of the team which usually starts around $30 per month


Wix Answers is the best all in all comprehensive helpdesk software platform for all types of businesses. It offers everything to business organizations to provide good customer satisfaction to its users. It is equipped with various features, which includes the following.

  • Multi-channel: Ticket management options for multiple communication channels
  • Browser Call Center: A built-in call center that can be accessed from any browser
  • Self-service Support: Allows to set-up a self-service support option like FAQ or a knowledge base, and customize according to your preferences
  • Team Comminication: It makes team communication much easier. It allows for sending an announcement to the internal team. individual discussion to stay up-to-date or adding internal notes to the team.
  • Tracking: Team performance can be tracked by checking the number of tickets handled, closed, and the ratings by the customer.


  • Easy to set-up
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Great tool for knowledge base setup
  • Beautiful layout, clean design, and functionality.
  • Easy and professional website integration
  • Free if you are already using their website builder


  • Add-ons and certain features are charged extra