Are There Any Good Free Web Based Help Desk Ticketing Systems?

Can Freeware Help Desk Benefit Your Organization?

How do you improve the efficiency of your IT department without spending a fortune? The answer may be help desk freeware systems.

Most company owners, feel that their search for a freeware help desk is hopeless. They feel it's too good to be true if it's free, it can't be good, etc. They are scared of viruses and spyware. However, if you are careful you may be able to get some good quality help desk software.

Look for genuine freeware

How do you ensure that the help desk freeware you're downloading from unknown "ABC Help Desk Inc" won't leave your computer in shambles? One way is to look for "trust symbols" on the company's web site.

Many trustworthy web sites offer products endorsed by millions of businesses. You just need to be a little cautious in your search, but there's no reason to believe that all free software is harmful.

How you can benefit from help desk systems

With businesses getting modern and competitive, helpdesks can add value to your organization in many ways, such as those listed below.