Freshdesk Help Desk Software

Freshdesk Help Desk Software

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software mainly designed to provide companies of all sizes with the necessary tool required to wow their customers. It is inexpensive, yet fully-functional that delivers seamless customer support. It offers a simple interface that is easy to use with strong features.

Companies around the world use Freshdesk to deliver exceptional customer service and experience. It enables businesses to organize, prioritize, and manage all customers without increasing their operational cost or workforce.

Freshdesk is an excellent platform for start-ups and freelancers looking to automate certain repetitive tasks and speed up their customer support. It is ideal for organizations in industries like education, healthcare, IT, hospitality, e-commerce, and insurance.

Trial Version

Freshdesk offers a trial version for all its plans. Just sign up for their free trial version and test any of their paid subscriptions. The trial period is 21-days.

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Pricing Plans

Freshdesk offers 5 unique pricing plans that range from $0 to $ 109 per month, per support agent. The 5 pricing plans are summarized below.