Error: Permission Denied

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Help Authoring: Error: Permission Denied

Error: Permission Denied

When Processing? - Help Authoring Site

If this occurs on the Process step with Word 97 the Fix is Easy!

Make sure file extensions are *ALWAYS* shown on your Windows 95/NT environment. You need to set the switch "Hide MS-DOS file extensions for file types that are registered" to OFF - i.e. Make sure there is no tick in this box!

Use 'My Computer | View | Options | View Tab' and uncheck the 'Hide File Extensions...' option

Hiding file extensions must be off, so Word 97 can see the file extensions! Make sure you have version 2.82k or version 3.0 of EasyHelp/Web


The error is caused by the FIXRTF program not being able to write a the RTF file because it is still open in Word 97. A bug in Word 97 means that two filenames of the same name but different extension cannot be distinguished if the operating system is set to hide file extensions.

The FIXRTF program is required to make the Word 97 RTF compatible with the 16 bit Help compiler (HCP.EXE). If you use the 32 bit compiler (HCRTF), supplied with Version 3 boxed, the FIXRTF program is not needed.

When Building?

If you get Help Compiler Error 1100: Cannot open file: Permission denied

You should try the following:

  • Have both the TEMP and TMP environmental variables SET in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to a write-able, non-root directory. They cannot point to a root directory such as c:\ or a:\, and they must point to a valid directory.
  • Set your FILES= statement in CONFIG.SYS to between 80-128. You may need to make it even higher (it can be as high as 255).
  • Exit Windows, reboot your computer, and re-compile.
  • Rename the .HLP file to filename.OLD. If you can't rename the HLP file in File Manager, it is either open or read-only. The Microsoft Help Compiler will not proceed if it cannot delete the old Help file. Unlock the file and then recompile.
  • Change your access privileges if you are working on a secured network, or change the file attributes to read only or read/write.
Help Authoring: Error: Permission Denied

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Help Authoring: Error: Permission Denied