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Help Authoring: Using Hebrew Word - Help Authoring Site

Using Hebrew Word - Help Authoring Site

How to get EHW to work with a Hebrew version of Word. Hebrew Word does things differently to other versions. The user needs a different Help compiler to deal with the problems this causes.

Here is some information for you to ponder over....

Hebrew Part 1: The 16/32 Bit Compiler

If you are using Hebrew Word you need to get hold of the Hebrew version of the Compiler. You need to check with Microsoft, but the RTF created from Hebrew Word does not work well with the normal compiler.

However first you could try making sure the Topic names only use straight forward names *without* any special characters. For example do the EasyHelp/Web examples work?

If you get the Hebrew Compiler you may find another problem because Microsoft did not do a very good job when they created the Hebrew version!

If you *are* using the Hebrew Help compiler and are experiencing problems compiler from within Windows put in the following statement under the [General Settings] section of your EASYHELP.INI file otherwise you may find the Hebrew Compiler only works when run under MSDOS!

[General Settings]


Otherwise use the HCRTF.EXE (32 bit compiler)


Hebrew Help Compiler (HCHEBREW.EXE)can be found at:


Windows 95/NT 32 bit Help compiler (HCRTF.EXE) can be found at:

http://www.eonsolutions.co.uk/files/hcrtf.zip )

Hebrew Part 2: More problems from Microsoft!

When you buy Hebrew W95 you actually get two programs with separate installs:

Hebrew (heb interface, bi-lingual support, heb hlp files) and English ((Enabled) Eng interface, bi-lingual support, Eng hlp files)

HERE's the point! There are two hlp viewers Winhelp32.exe and ebWinhelp32.exe.

In order to prepare a heb help file:

  1. Use either bi-lingual version of W95.
  2. Process it using EHW.
  3. Build (compile using HCW ---NOT BiDi HCP).
  4. LOAD HebWinhelp32 (THIS IS THE KEY) view the help file.

It sounds pretty simple, but it works with these caveats:

  • No lowercase English.
  • Does some weird alignment on some Paragraphs.
  • Disregards some indents (see #2 above).

I have my suspicions that if you did everything under a Heb ONLY system

it might resolve some of the issues listed above.

Hebrew Part 3: Yet more problems from Microsoft!

We recently received this information for one of our contacts....

The problem with the bi-directional help is that it doesn't run in protected mode. So if you're working with color graphics and large files (who isn't?) the compiler chokes on not enough memory.

Plus it tends to reverse English and Hebrew/Arabic text on the same line.

Setting the section layout to right to left, splitting up the files into separate help files and creating jumps to topics in other help files."

Help Authoring: Using Hebrew Word - Help Authoring Site

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Help Authoring: Using Hebrew Word - Help Authoring Site