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Help Authoring: Don't Understand! - Help Authoring Site

Don't Understand! - Help Authoring Site

We find that the majority of problems users encounter are related to their knowledge of Microsoft Word, the use of which dictates the generation of the documents.

After this it is a fairly simple step to attaching the HTML tags using the TOPIC and LINK buttons (which attach the necessary HTML tags - therefore removing the HTML programming step from the process).

Invariably it is getting to grips with the notion of TOPICS and LINKS which is that step beyond all human understanding - but which is in fact simple!!!!

A TOPIC is a chunk or amount of information, could be one or several paragraqphs or pages long. It is the facility to be able to produce this individual piece of information on the screen with only the clicking on of a link which is the basic concept of Help files or Web page construction.

A LINK is a picture or word or amount of text which when tagged can be used to call up a TOPIC.

A dictionary definition invariably references other words, see also, etc.

What you could do with the HTML facility is click on the 'see also' referenced word and this would call up the dictionary entry of the referenced word in an additional window - saving you scrolling through the dictionary to the entry's place.

So, if we consider the TOPIC as the dictionary definition, and the LINK as the reference to another word tagged as the address or the means of calling to that TOPIC for display, that is about all there is the functioning of EasyHelp and is the principle of Help files etc.

The PROCESS, BUILD, RESULTS buttons etc are the methods by which the TOPICS and LINKS are automatically compiled and built into the finished Help file or Web Page.

I hope this will aid your understanding a little - if not please don't hesitate to let me know, and perhaps you would like to specify where your difficulties lie so that I my be able to help further.

I would encourage your persistence in using EasyHelp/Web as it can enable the rapid building of Help files etc to the practised user.

Help Authoring: Don't Understand! - Help Authoring Site

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Help Authoring: Don't Understand! - Help Authoring Site